Mada Girl: Corinne

What is your all time favorite beauty product? The one you cannot live without and never leave home without!

It's hard to choose! My top 3 are chubby lash mascara, bobby brown hot pink lip gloss, glossier boy brow

How would you describe your makeup style?

Minimal + Just enough!

What type of nailpolish do you like? Natural? No polish? Natural-nail polish? Gel? 


Whats your favorite face mask?

Glossier Moon mask, cvs cucumber peel, Sephora rose

Do you have a favorite hair mask?

Aussie 3 minute deep conditioner, Bumble Don't Blow It leave in 

How often would you say you take a bath instead of a shower? What kind of Bath do you like? Bubbles? Essential Oils? Salts?

Once a month, salts, oils, bubbles, the works!

How would you describe your skin? 

Combination and sensitive af

What is your hair style routine? Does it vary throughout the week? If so, how?

I dont even own a blowdryer, just wash and go!

How often do you get your hair done? Be it a cut, color, deep conditioning treatment, whatever!

Only about once a year, I'm currently growing my hair out.

 Do you have a nighttime routine? If so what is it?

Wash and a night cream - I use Neutrogena, First Aid Beauty, and Glossier

Whats your favorite scent?

EEK another 3: Rosabotanica, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Burberry Brit

Who is your beauty icon (alive or dead)?

Kate Hudson

How often do you change your look? Never? Seasonally? (makeup and hair)

Aside from a seasonal lip, almost never!

Lastly, what's your favorite lipstick shade?

MAC lady danger and up the amp

Julia Briggs